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The peacefullness in the early morning. .. working the land.

I'mI find myself doing garden work late afternoons. With the huge new moon we have been having... this morning  the moonlite  was so brite a 4:45 that it woke me from a deep sleep. Im normally a gal that is slow to wake...but when I woke up this morning. ...I looked outside and the stillness was magical. My chickens were still asleep! I couldn't resist but to step outside. ...then magic happened. My Garden called to me and we became one. Not a noise at all. I started working on my 1/4 acre garden... pulling weeds and tying up  my  growing but young grape vines.... harvesting beets and lettuce. Before I knew it 3 hours passed and I realised how much I loved hearing the earth wake up.  It started with the chickens and rosters.... then I could hear engines start up in the distance of people getting on their way..... cows mooing and horses neighing... oh yes the neighbors goats reminding me that they love to eat the weeds I pull. Then my  husbad br…