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Herbals and my passion for them,

I have always gardened. I mean as long as I can remember even as a little girl... I've always had plants that I have nurtured.  Watching them grow and bloom or produce food has always fascinated me. There were times when I lived in apartments or small townhomes... even in those times I have had planter gardens.   When my children came along I always included them in whatever growing we could do at the time.  Flowers, Vegetables were my thing form many years.  Now that I have acres in Idaho...a huge greenhouse  and a huge garden to experiment with I have  enjoyed growinga variety of things over the past 5 years.  Lufa, Gourds,  sunflowers galore in every color imaginable. Vegetables galore.  Something was always missing in my gardens... and that something was Herbs.  Sure I'd throw in cilantro or chives once in a while... but I have always wanted to learn more about herbs.  Culinary and Medicinal herbs.  Gotta eat, may as well grow what I can of my own culinary Herbs.. but.. da…

What happens when you decide to experiment with a diet?

Well, at my age..... Pushing 60' I'm finding it harder and harder to loose weight. So I decided to experiment and see if I'm even able to loose weight at all.... So I decided I'd eat clean for one entire month. Meaning, no sugar ,no processed foods, no dairy and lots of water. Oh, no carbs either!  Basically for one month I have been eating salads and fruits and our home farm raised meats and our chicken eggs. I have lost 12 lbs, have gotten my energy back k and feel so much better!  Today, I decided to treat myself to a chocolate bar as a reward for a month of sacrifice.  Well guess what. I immediately got a huge headache, the shakes, and even though it tasted good to me... I realized that  I did not like the way it made me feel.  I actually did not like the feeling of the sugar going thru my body.... Looks like the good habits I've created as a experiment will now be my lifestyle!   I hope to loose more weight before my cruise to the Caribbean next summer and by …
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