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Well, weve talked about moving to Idaho for 5 years now.  or maybe even longer. My wonderful husband fell in love with Idaho on several camping trips we've taken here over the years with our kids.  He has allways wanted to have a farm/ranch out somewhere in Idaho.  So, now that he is retiring next month... we brought ourselves out on a little trip for 5 days.  We had a realtor show us about 22 homes on different size acerage... and today. He put in a bid for a house that he loved.  Im leaving the decision up to him mostley the only thing I care about is that we are together, happy and able to go on adventures.. and I have a sewing, crafting room.  I am excited that the place he picked has acerage and the house is not some old broken down farm house that will be in need of a lot of repairs.  Yes, we will be building fences, putting in fruit trees and painting the interior... but in the mean time we will live our next 9 months in California.  We will focus on what we need to do the…