Monday, September 23, 2013

My happy pantry

Since We grow most all of our produce, and this year our freezer is already full of our grass fed meats, I had no choice but to can everything. Ive bever used a pressure canner before, so I took a  class at The University of Idaho, a series if 5 canning classes.  My harvests have been bountuful, and pantry is happy. I have pumpjins, beets a variety of salsas, Apple sauce, stewed tomatoes, pickled peppers, jams, jellies, a few different  pickles... and . Soon to add marinara sauce.  I even grew and dried my own beans. Lots of work. Hot sweaty work, but.I know everything was grown organically, no gmo, preservative or unwanted additives. Thats why I work so hard... and.... its so pretty to look at.

Winter is fast approaching... so I have been sooooo busy here.

Harvesing the garden and not to mention all the herbs. Tinctures to make, soaps to set to cure...  I do love my life here on this little plo...