Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Spring

Today we took the boys out to show some  of the country that we live near, we drove up through Emmett, which is a beautiful little town, mostly farms. Then through Caldwell, we then took them to D & B farm supply store. And spring showed its cute little face. Happy Spring. These little babies made me smile

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Barn sale finds

Today, Local friend Kim took me out to some great haunts. We went to a early hot yoga class, then to a lite brunch in a wnderful cafe that was decorated Victorian style. Then we hut antique shops, and a very special farm house sale. The farm house was basically set up as a antique store. Everything was color schemes. The sale is held twice a year, for only three days. Today was the last day until fall. I scored two perfect vintage luggage pieces and two Awsome tablecloths. I Did use a lot of willpower and not buy the antique windows,doors, or fencing. We also hit up a few incredible other spots, but that farmhouse sale was things that dreams were made of. Hope to come back in the fall. I just LOVE IDAHO.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


We got up to our new house with the moving van this past Friday which was two days ahead of our schedule. We left early because there was a big storm coming and we needs to get up and over the Sierra's. We pulled in just in time to miss a horrible snow storm. My farmgirl sisterhood newfound friend and farmgirl soul sister KIM had arranged so
me teenage boys to help us unload the truck. They did it in two hours so of course the first thing I Did was work on the kitchen.  Then  KIM and her husband came over to see our new DIGGS. Opened our very first bottle of wine and shared some good laughs. It being ST. Patricks day, and me being a FITZPATRICK,  I was feeling weird that I had not made cornbeef and cabbage ( for the first time in years). Then Kim and Wendell invited us over to their house for the beloved corn beef dinner. It was delicious. Had a great time, the woman has more hobbies than me and a FULLTIME job. Got a grand tour of her farm and her beloved inspiration room. Let's just say we are very alike in a LOT of ways. Am sure we will be crafting a lot together,as well as gardening and the like. It also helps that our husbands hit it off too. Nice nice fun people. I am also Looking foward to meeting the ladies in the Nampa Idaho hen house.  This morning I woke up to snow, a soft blanket of white snow that was to relaxing to watch fall from the sky. I feel peace here. Can't wait to get the garden in and the chicken coop buillt.

Friday, March 9, 2012


To the highest and best offer. Moving home to Idaho in June. Summer kitchen, wide open spaces, organic gardening and adorable chickens . Oh yeah, let's not forget my Nampa farmgirl sisterhood henhouse. My friends  Kim and Wendell too........ It's going to be a country life for us.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

House for sale

Well, one step closer to realizing our homestead dreams starts with selling our home that we currently own. It's been on the MLS for one day, and we already have 4 offers. Not. Opening any offers until Tuesday, realtor is having a open house this weekend and we want to give people a chance to see it. Our home in Idaho is painted and clean and ready for us.

Winter is fast approaching... so I have been sooooo busy here.

Harvesing the garden and not to mention all the herbs. Tinctures to make, soaps to set to cure...  I do love my life here on this little plo...