Friday, May 16, 2014

When one owns a newly built greenhouse

As Ken my dear husband was building my huge beautiful greenhouse. He looked at me with his sweaty brow... and said.. Honey, after all this work and expense to build you this greenhouse... YOU Better Use it!!!. . Well, this being our very first growing season with it. I can say ... our greenhouse runnethover. We have a 1/4 acre garden. I grow food and flowers organically. I put up jars and jars and jars of jams and jellies and salsas and marinara sauce and pickled this and pickled that. Veggies of every kind. All produce from the garden.  Fruit was bought at local farmstand.  I also run my commercial dehydrator and make soup mixes for the cold and snowy Idaho winters. So, today as we were planting for the 4th day in a row .... he says that he was glad  he built the greenhouse. All the money we saved on nursery plants paid for the greenhouse.  The full shelves aren't so full now.. and the floor can be seen a little better today after planting the trays of plants into their new beds.  I also grew many many sunflower plants and Hollyhock plants to plant on the perimeter of our property as  To block a view of our neighbors collection of less than desired ... well .... um... garbage. Old cars dead freezers and fridge and other piles of heaped up old wood and  dead farm machinery. No fence to block the view.. so I figured I would make a flower fence .. tall Hollyhock and sunflower fence.  So, he is working on something else... and I yell him.... the flowers fence is next.. I will set them out. You dig the hole..... I will plant the plants.   I leve him with what he was working on.. then tell him they are ready for holes to be dug....He looked over at  the property perimeter... and he looked like a deer in headlights...."so many?" . ( 2 ACRE perimeter). I said....... well, I had to use that Greenhouse somehow! !!. Then he asked... Hollyhock s are a perennial ......right? Yes dear ... you wont need to replant these next year. I also grew veggies and flowers in the greenhouse for a elementary school garden... and all my cousins gardens. I WOULD SAY.... I USED THE GREENHOUSE.

Winter is fast approaching... so I have been sooooo busy here.

Harvesing the garden and not to mention all the herbs. Tinctures to make, soaps to set to cure...  I do love my life here on this little plo...