Monday, April 8, 2013

Recyled pallet becomes a potting bench

I saw the picture on Pinterest, had to make it. So I did. The hard part was prying the boards off the pallets.. slow and steady is the name of the game. First build the frame, then put the table, shelf and back Sep boards on it. Then I sanded it because there were a lot of splinters. Pallet wood can me rough. Then I stained it. After stained it and it sets  I will add hooks on the backboard to hang tools. Now that was a fun project.


  1. this is really great! was the frame made of new wood or was the whole thing totally from deconstructing pallets?


  2. the 2x4 on the pallet was awful, so I spent $5.00 on two new 2x4s. then used the pallet 2x4 on my composting bins.. they were so full they needed extra support. So two pallets were totally re-purposed in the making of one bench. I actually made two, one to donate to the local animal shelter as a auction item at a upcoming fundraising event. Just sharing the love.

  3. Mary you never cease to amaze me! This is awesome. I sure wish I had the energy you have to do all these wonderful things you are doing. You are truly blessed and I am so happy for you. You are a great inspiration to others. Love you girl!


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