Friday, June 3, 2011

My Baby is Graduating Highschool tomorrow....

I am so emotional today, My daughter Carin graduates from highschool tomorrow.  Rain or shine they say.... outdoors too.   So, I did all the preparations and worked hard to make her day special... and inside. I am a mess.   See, my daughter and I drive eachother crazy...with everything, we yell all the time, she says i'm stupid but the status quo i'm hearing is that all mothers are stupid when their children turn 18.   But, regardless, through all the years... my little girl scout, animal lover, drama queen... is growing up... and I am growing OLD. 
I wonder where the years went... and what mistakes I've made with her... and I hope she knows how very much I love her.  

she is bright, funny, smart.. smart ass, bossy, arrogant and mean sometimes... but she's all me~
Congratulations carin... may all your dreams come true.

Winter is fast approaching... so I have been sooooo busy here.

Harvesing the garden and not to mention all the herbs. Tinctures to make, soaps to set to cure...  I do love my life here on this little plo...