Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Bliss

This Christmas was a very magical year for us. My oldest daughter is 8 months pregnant and baby Mason was putting on quite a show for us, our grandaughter Autumn was AMAZING when she found the pile of presents by the fireplace and all our kids have grown into amazing adults who we enjoy spending time with.  This year we had Dominique ( Anthonys new girlfriend) join us and she is quite a amazing person who added shine and laughter to our family along with Brynns girlfriend Ashley.  We are so blessed with 5 amazing kids... ( let me tell you that they haven't always be.en amazing).  I made autumn and christina matching aprons and oven mitts which they both loved, and Tony is loved by his niece very much.   Last picture autumn was all snuggley with her mommy and baby Mason.  Did I mention that we are very blessed?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

More tags for christmas

Christmas Tags

A 24 hour crop with a ton of caffine and a christmas spirit moved me to make tags for our place settings and christmas tree. My friend Vanessa made 25 tags for a advent calendar.. and it inspired me. so much fun, stamping, glittering, blinging, on and on.... take a look and you can just imagine the fun I had making these.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stampin up Clock for My son the Cowboy

I made this clock out of a box. Inside it is a scrapbook of him on the horse ranch. He absoloutly loves it... I put on the clock the bucking bronco to symbolize the cowboy he is, with words to inspire him to dream, believe, inspire and fly. I loved making the clock for him... he is a special man.

Stampin Up Open House

Today was amazing, everyone was so excited to make 3 projects for christmas. One Gift card holder, two cards. All used a variety of techniques to include our favorite embossing tool the Big shot. To follow are some pictures of the girls in action as well as projects. We were so excited to be together and have some creative time to unwind.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm so excited.... because

my Stampinup! Demonstrator box came today.... so much fun all cramed into one box. Stamps, ink, embossing stuff, paper and embellishments... now if I can find the time to create. This saturday is my first big workshop. I have 20 people attending. Should be a blast. I will post pictures.

Friday, November 26, 2010

So much to be greatful for...

My oldest daughter is expecting her second child, a boy due in late

January, we are so excited. Thanksgiving with our family consists of good food, good wine, games at the table, relaxing and laughing. I love the picture with my oldest son Anthony and me and his girlfriend... this is her first Thanksgiving.. we just love her. Hope she's around for a long time!

My Wonderful family... the reason I'm crazy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Because I love rubber stamping...

I became a stampin up demonstrator. so excited.

In Memory of her Music

I made this today in honor of my mother who was a pianist and vocalist. I am neither, and have saved her sheet music for over 15 years. So, today I took out some of the sheets and made a wreath. I believe she inspired me to make this wreath somehow. Memories of her came through my mind as I was making this... her laugh, her music, her commitment... Thanks mom. I heard ya loud and clear. My husband wanted to know where I would put it... of course it will go in my art room. It was there where she inspired me and there is where it will hang. Layers of sheet music rolled into cones carefully glued together. Then I thought about her and all the things she loved. Shells represent her love for the ocean, the song bird is her... oh and the little girl that is sitting on the moon looks exactly like her when she was little. I also adorned the wreath with her musical pin that she wore at one of her piano recitles when she was a young girl. I had fun making this and I think its appropriate that I made it for thanksgiving..... For her, I am thankful... who are you thankful for?

Winter is fast approaching... so I have been sooooo busy here.

Harvesing the garden and not to mention all the herbs. Tinctures to make, soaps to set to cure...  I do love my life here on this little plo...