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Mothers Day Blessings.  Since I will be moving out of state to start up my homestead hobby farm projects.( A lifelong dream of mine) I decided that I wanted to get the kids together for a fun day at the beach.They are all adults and have life of their own, with careers, college, friends etc.  We usually get together once a month, but once I move it will be once every 3 months.  I will go through some seperation anxiety for sure.   At the beach we held a little memorial for my mother who died 11 years ago. It was her favorite beach that we went to.  We all shared memories of her and laughed as we released her to sea ( yes, we've been holding on for 11 years) my oldest daughter wrote her a letter on the day she died.She was 15 then. Now she is a mother of two and a Soldier in the Army.  Her wish was to throw it into the sea.  My mothers day blessings were to have all my three children  together and my two grandchildren with my sister and stay the entire day laughing as the ocean ro…