Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One More Day.....

 Tomorrow I retire. Yes, I have been working jobs of a wide variety since I was 13, first as a babysitter. Then my first official job at a nearby amusement park at 16.  Then at 17 I worked at a restaurant... and now at the age of 52 I am officially throwing in the time clock for a life of.... whatever I decide.  In my life I've had a few jobs that I've hated... like being a legal secretary.  I did it for 6 months. Diddn't like the legal field, the lawyers lying and cheating old people out of money. Diddn't like the non creatie invironment or the  fact that I sat at a desk all day. Being married to a entrepeuner brought many wild jobs too. like fruit stands, running a fleet of Ice cream trucks and a lighting business... but I liked having a steady paycheck and entreupuneurship was so iffy... I went to work as a admin. assistant and office manager, but got layed off after two years with a builder.   So, I went back to school and got my degree in early childhood education.  I worked in preschool settings for MANY years, then opened up my own preschool for a few years before my husband decided to own a restaurant, so then... i sold my preschool and went to work at the restaurant.  That was rediculous.  The hours were not conducive to raising kids...I loved the restaurant business, but had 3 young kids at the time to care for.
So, I went back to working with kids and realized that was what I was good at so I opened my own home daycare, and did catering on the side.  For many years I was content.  I got a wild hair and thought it would be fun to own a papercrafting store... so I opened up a scrapbooking supply store and LOVED IT.  The business was successful, thriving and doing well and I ran my baby for 5 years until the lease expired and I decided to close it down as the rent was through the roof and I was never home.  Literally working 60+ hours a week.  At that point  I went back to work with Kids at the local elementary school. But this time as a Para-professional in a Autism program.  for 8 years. I worked with the most demanding kids ever.  Loving at times, and other times I would have chairs thrown at me, have to dodge a kick or a hit because they diddn't want to do their work.  I taught non verbal kids how to talk, read, write and how to do math.  I loved it... and tomorrow is my last day.  I am moving to Idaho to start a new life. Because I CAN.  My husband and I raised 5 awsome kids who are adults, live their lives and have careers and are in college.  We have always wanted to live in Idaho and grow our own  food. My days will no longer be filled with kids academic goals and/ or  meeting their demands.  It will be about us, growing our food. Doing what we want to do. I've allways wanted to learn how to play the piano, paint with watercolors.  I also want to fly fish, camp under the stars and stay up late and then sleep in.  I have  a chicken coop in my near future as well as growing the biggest vegetable garden ever.   Our new house has 2 aceres of land on which is ready for our creativity..... hard work and imagination.  Ohhhhh the possibilities.  I don't look at my life as half over... Its just beginning.  I have been so wraped up in raising a family, doing what was expected of me as a mom, as a employee... that somehow at times I think I have forgotten who mary is... but at the age of 52 Im anxious to find out who she is, what she likes and dosn't like and to create some amazing memories with my wonderful husband.   Retirement to me should be and hopefully will be about doing what we want to do... and not feeling guilty about doing it.  First thing, rototilling up the 1/2 acre vegetable garden plot..... then painting my art studio... then..... we will see.    Happy Retirement to ME.

Its the purple crazy lady!

Its the purple crazy lady!
Essentially Mary