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Bunk house is emerging....

So far I have most of the curtains finished. I re upholstered the valances in Jean material with a horse print fabric. The curtains reflect country with red gingham & blue bandana as well as red bandanas. It's coming together, but has a ways to go this is just a start. I'm working on a rag quilt for the bed, pillows too. And a re do in the kitchen cushions, walls and a few other touch ups.


My friend Sandy has this cute adorable vintage camp trailer. She Glamd it all up adorable and now instead of camping with her husband.. she glamps!.. she took one look at my camper,said let's glamp your camper up.. its to boring. It is boring.. its the original  color scheme from of manufacturer.. GREY with a little beige. I'm all over it. My husband was nervous, made me promise no flowers.. no pink. Sandy and I agreed.. no girly Glamper. So, I went for a fun theme to reflect my Idaho life. I'm turning it into a bunk house!.yep, with the accentss of a country Western bunk house, we will be glamping in comfort and style. Here are the before pictures. so, think... From boring camper to stylish county Western bunk house.