Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Love of Horses

Lucious Lucas
Remi and Me
Beautiful Bonnie

Carin with Baby Remi and Mommy. 
Being raised on a ranch in Half Moon Bay, I remember being around horses as long as I can remember.   Earlier I posted some pictures of horses I love that are my neices.  Here are more.  My best day is a day riding with my kids and neice out at the ranch on the coast of California.   She has a trail riding business and has rescued and rehabilitated most of her horses.  She has a Horse rescue Non Profit called Hoof Beats of America... if anyone wants a horse she adopts them out to good homes.  She is Keeping Remi and Bonnie.

Peek a Boo

I could not possibly post all the pictures I have of over 27 horses here on my blog.   These are just a few that I took on a day at my niece's ranch.

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Its the purple crazy lady!

Its the purple crazy lady!
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