Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In Memory of her Music

I made this today in honor of my mother who was a pianist and vocalist. I am neither, and have saved her sheet music for over 15 years. So, today I took out some of the sheets and made a wreath. I believe she inspired me to make this wreath somehow. Memories of her came through my mind as I was making this... her laugh, her music, her commitment... Thanks mom. I heard ya loud and clear. My husband wanted to know where I would put it... of course it will go in my art room. It was there where she inspired me and there is where it will hang. Layers of sheet music rolled into cones carefully glued together. Then I thought about her and all the things she loved. Shells represent her love for the ocean, the song bird is her... oh and the little girl that is sitting on the moon looks exactly like her when she was little. I also adorned the wreath with her musical pin that she wore at one of her piano recitles when she was a young girl. I had fun making this and I think its appropriate that I made it for thanksgiving..... For her, I am thankful... who are you thankful for?

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