Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Farm girl sisterhood for all the farmgirls out there... are you one too?

Have you ever heard of Mary Jane Butters? She is a Farmer that lives in Idaho that has created a big sisterhood called MaryJanes farmgirl sisterhood.  Well, about 3 years ago I read her magazine, was interested but this last summer Dominique gave me her idea book, it's a amazing book with recipes, patterns, gardening tips, life tips etc.   The movement is quite huge throughout the country, in austrailia as well as europe.   I Joined the sisterhood a couple of months ago and have been busy reading all I can about it.   I found it interesting that it's not just for farm women, but for city dwellers and suburbanites that want to better their homes and families lives by growing thier own food, sewing their own quilts, aprons, clothes, or stitching, knitting, etc.   Its not what you do, but rather the understanding that there is a lot to do and a lot of women with hearts for the same thing.  Good friends, simpler lives and the love of family and friends. Well, i've been shy since I joined a few months ago lurking in the shadows.. reading the posts, and peeling back the many layers of the sisterhood. Most farmgirl sisters have blogs, which i've read many... and i've come to the conclusion that these are very good women, with great minds, great talents... and I'm excited to be a member. I joined a few swaps yesterday, have shared a little and gotten some responses back.  I'm excited to say that I think I will meet some real women who don't care what "label" your purse is... or how big your house is, but rather.... what can we do together and make some friends.   If you, like the sound of this, I invite you to join me on this farmgirl sisterhood journey.  I hope you will consider it. Think of the possibilities.  could be fun!    


  1. I enjoyed reading this...very well written...Penny Farmgirl 3343

  2. I just found your blog after joining the Mary jane forum yesterday.I was so glad that accidently i found it, and as I read someof the post on the forum I was going like wow.......what a great place. I then also wanted the magazine and I can't wait for it to fall on my doorstep.
    I will look around your blog a bit more.
    Greetings from Monique from the Netherlands.


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