Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans Day Weekend Fun

Our Vetrans Day Weekend

Being that our oldest daughter Christina is in the Army as is Justin we decided that we needed to go to their house and play with the grandkids and have some fun with them.   They live 3 hours away from us and since our youngest son Blaine has been in Waterpolo  every weekend, we haven't had one weekend free in a couple months.  It was 4 months since we've seen Christina, Justin and Baby Mason and Autumn.  It was a delightful weekend.  We played our favorite game Apples to Apples as we sipped wine and Christina put on a FEAST.  We enjoyed the Granchildren as well .  Christina knows that I love to craft, quilting is one of my favorite things so she decided that she at the age of almost 29 decided that she wants to learn to quilt and since a friend of hers at work had a baby, it was the perfect occassion.  We cut, sewed, layered and almost finished the entire quilt before it was time for me to hit the dusty trail back home.   First time shes ever been interested in quilting, shes artistic..but with paints. And being in the ARMY and having two kids and two dogs and 3 acres to care for she hasn't had the time to learn.  I thought I'd never see the day, and it made me giddy to see her sit in front of a sewing machine.  Pics to follow.  Happy Vetrans Day! 

Laying the rows together.
Newly sewn  Teddy Bear Blanket and
Beanie Babies
Grandpa with Mason
Happy Mason,  
Autumns Heart Pillow because I love her with all  my Heart.

Autumn was so cute, she asked me to make her a big heart pillow.  I had fat quarters with me so we  stitched one together quickley and she enjoyed stuffing it herself.   She says that she wants to be a sewer when shes a grandma too.
Stuffing the Purple Heart Pillow.
Purple is our favorite color and I love her with all my heart.

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