Monday, February 6, 2012

Update on me and another Artist Trading Card ATC Swap.

Hi everyone, or anyone.. whichever the case may be.    I a m on the mend, was hit pretty hard with illness, but am on my way to a good recovery.  It's been 2 months, and I lost 34 pounds.   Strict diet from now on.   Every day is different as far as pain and recouperation goes... but Im determined and stuborn.   Just ask my kids.  Just greatful no surgery needed.

Lots to share today besides illness.  Lots of wonderful things... I love the Mary Jane Butters Farmgirl connection forum.  I love to participate in the many swaps that take place. Love making all the stuff, and swaping items with other women in the group.   One of my favorites is the ATC swaps.   Im posting a couple pictures of the ATC's that were in my mailbox on Monday, along with the cutest little atc holders.  
ATC Valentines  Farmgirl sisterhood swap

ATC Holders Hand Crafted by Farmgirl sisters and I was lucky enough to get them.

  Other swaps to post soon

Handmade Valentine Cards
Button Box
Mail Art.

Happy Crafting everyone.


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