Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day one on our hobby farm.

We are so excited to finally be here in Idaho. Will miss family and friends in California, but for us this has been our dream for over 10 years. Today our friends here in Idaho sold us a must have tool on any homestead. A troy rototiller. We have a half acre designated for vegetables. And today being day one at our homestead we decided that we would not waste any time and get the garden in. At first I attempted to pull the weeds up. But with the large space we have I knew it was futile. So, Kim and Wendell to the rescue with our rototiller. Ken mowed the weeds down as far as the mower would go, and viola, the rototiller worked its magic. Within 2 hours over have of our garden plot was tilled.  May I also brag about the fine rich soil that was under those weeds? Whoo wee. Tomorow we will work on tilling up the rest of the designated garden plot. Im sooo sore tonite but have a huge smile on my face. Wish all our kids could be here to share in our excitement.

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