Sunday, April 28, 2013

Professional Bull Riding in Idaho

P B R came to the Idaho center the past two nights. It was a sold out croud ans though I have been to many rodeos ,this was my first PBR. It was amazing. The bulls seemed to be much larger. There were 35 riders.. then 15 in the championship round. A Brazillian rider by the name of Salvador Alves won. I was surprised that there were actually 4 from brazil. Others came from Austrailia,Oaklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Canada,Tennessee, Montana,.... None from Idaho. It was a great show of skill... And luck with plenty of  lucky missus on injuries. A Rider by the name of Zack Brown was carried off on a stretcher and sent to the hospitol after a hard fall on his neck. He was in extreme pain and was immobilized in case he had a fractured or broken neck. Word came in that his MRI came in showing no fractures or breaks. He was lucky. Others were kicked in the face, head and had bad falls. I noticed that some riders wore  helmets while others wore cowboy hats... Why wouldn't they all wear helmets?... Pride?, machoism?... In a nutshell, PBR was amazing, I look foward to going again. Lots of excitement.

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