Herbals and my passion for them,

I have always gardened. I mean as long as I can remember even as a little girl... I've always had plants that I have nurtured.  Watching them grow and bloom or produce food has always fascinated me. There were times when I lived in apartments or small townhomes... even in those times I have had planter gardens.   When my children came along I always included them in whatever growing we could do at the time.  Flowers, Vegetables were my thing form many years.  Now that I have acres in Idaho...a huge greenhouse  and a huge garden to experiment with I have  enjoyed growinga variety of things over the past 5 years.  Lufa, Gourds,  sunflowers galore in every color imaginable. Vegetables galore.  Something was always missing in my gardens... and that something was Herbs.  Sure I'd throw in cilantro or chives once in a while... but I have always wanted to learn more about herbs.  Culinary and Medicinal herbs.  Gotta eat, may as well grow what I can of my own culinary Herbs.. but.. da…

What happens when you decide to experiment with a diet?

Well, at my age..... Pushing 60' I'm finding it harder and harder to loose weight. So I decided to experiment and see if I'm even able to loose weight at all.... So I decided I'd eat clean for one entire month. Meaning, no sugar ,no processed foods, no dairy and lots of water. Oh, no carbs either!  Basically for one month I have been eating salads and fruits and our home farm raised meats and our chicken eggs. I have lost 12 lbs, have gotten my energy back k and feel so much better!  Today, I decided to treat myself to a chocolate bar as a reward for a month of sacrifice.  Well guess what. I immediately got a huge headache, the shakes, and even though it tasted good to me... I realized that  I did not like the way it made me feel.  I actually did not like the feeling of the sugar going thru my body.... Looks like the good habits I've created as a experiment will now be my lifestyle!   I hope to loose more weight before my cruise to the Caribbean next summer and by …
Good article about Melaluca oil.

Essential oil roller bottle make and take workshop.

Here is a picture of my desk as I'm getting the class set up. Oils, bottles and recipes. This class is a huge success!  Lots of fun!

Suprise pictures on my tablet.

So, I just found these hilarious photos on my tablet that I did not know were her..... Somebody discovered you to capture themselves on my tablet camera... Too funny not to share!

When she knows im leaving for work....

She won't even look at me because she's upset because she knows I'm leaving for work!. Truly if she could come with me she'd be so happy!  How I love her so.....

Its Time!

Just because